All Details About Discord Server – A Complete Guide 2021

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Discord Server – Heya Folk, Hope Y’ll Are Doing Great! So If You’re a Newbie Or Not Much Familiar About Discord Or Discord Server. Then You Needn’t Worry Here In This Article I Have Been Mentioning All The Entire Details About Discord Server. Here You Can Check “Google Keyword Planner“, Without Getting Into More Query Let’s Directly Jump Into The Topic.

What Is Discord All About –

  • Easy To Use.
  • Completely Free.
  • One to One Server.
  • Group Chats.
  • User Friendly.
  • Screen Sharing.
  • Video Chat.

Basically Discord Is a Chatting Platform Specially Made For Gamers, This Software Is Available On PC, MAC OS, Linux, Android And IOS. The Web Version Is Also Available On But Its Recommend To Use The App. Discord Allow Creating New Servers Or Join The Already Created.

Well Servers Are Basically Games In Each Server You Will FInd Bunches Of People Chatting And Mumbling, After You Had Joined a Server You Can’t Send a Message Straight Away, You Need To Wait For At-least 10 Minutes Until The System Test Your Patience Level & Verifies You In The Mean While You Can Read The Rules For The Server.

Many Server Have Channels As Well, On The Left On Side You Can See Some Names Starting With Hashtags Actually These Are The Channels So After Tested Positive That Human Patience Test You Can Now Chat, The Chat Parts Comes With GIF & Emojis Option There’s Another Once Called Gifts Which Allow Purchasing Gifts To Send To a Friends Or Share On a Channel.

Moving To Your Own Discord Server –

When You Create One, You Can Invite People To Join I Hope People Will Come You Can Add Texts And Voice Channels Of course, In The Server Setting You Get a Few Options Including Server Region & Delete The Server.

On The Rules Page You Can Set The Own Rules Even You Can Set Who Can Change Bots. Discord Server Actually Inform Users & Work Along Sides When You Play a Game, In a Profile Menu There’s a Option Called “Game Activity”,The Drop Down Menu Shows The Supported Apps & When You Add One It Shows Now Playing You Can Stream Whatever You’re Playing In a Channel By Clicking On The Stream Button Above The Chat Setting.

You Can Also Enable The Screen Overlay To Enable a Little Chat Window While Playing The Game. Discord Server Is Actually Free & According To The Website It Will Always Be Free. So If You Are Really Worried About The Money Then This Is Really Something For You. Over 250 Million Users Use Discord Sever World Wide Mostly For Games & Stuff But There’s Off Topic Channel Inside Some Servers Where You Can Talk About Anything.

While Chatting You Can Mention Users & If You Break Any Of The Rules Then You Will Be Punished. The Punishment Will Depend Upon The Guidelines You Can Be Muted Or You Won’t Be Able To Post Anything Or The Worst Case Scenario Is You WIll Be Kicked Out Out Of The Channel Or Server.

Reason Behind The Hype In Discord Server?

When Covid – 19 Happen Which Post Everybody To Social Distance & Communicate While Chatting Platforms. Because Resources & Pandemic Discord So About Grimly Only For Gaming Images & Now Its Seen As General Purpose, Chat App For Everyone With No Games Needs & Wants.

It Can Be Use Anything, Everything From Large Meeting To Job Recruitment, From Live Cameo Events To Wedding Parties.

The Possibilities Are Pretty Endless, They Change The Banner & Introducing New “Your Place To Talk”. In-short The Discord Is Projecting Itself As Future Platforms Where You Can Chat WIth Friends & Sharing Some Idea Even You’re Not Into Gaming.

Does Discord Server Is Secure?

Everything Is Looking Perfect But There’s a Name Question Is It Secure Enough?

So Discord Said That User Security Is Primary Focus And Never Wising The Features To Keep Your Experience Safe However To Spike To User Assurances, The Users Still Encountered Some Security Issues Some Extreme FBI Have Investigate Them.

Discord Server Also Have “Loose File Disruption Regulations” About File Distribution Within Its Own Eco System Which Allow Malware Spread If You Know Careful About When You Click On It. Some Experts Even Said That API Could Also Used To Harvest User’s Data Raising To Potential Move Security Exploits.

  • FBI.
  • Possibility Of Malware.
  • Loophole With Discord API.

However Just Like Other Sites & Apps, Users Can Manage Their Own Data By Changing In Discord Settings In The Privacy Menu Section.

Few Tips & Tricks For Discord Server –

Here I’m Mentioning Few Tips & Tricks Which You May Not Know Now I Can Bet You Didn’t Know Before For Your Discord Server.

  • Invisible Message – Write Two ” Followed By Space “, Then You Can Send Invisible Messages Without Using Emojis Or Specials Symbols. You Should Try This Out With Your Friends.
  • Change Tag Without Nitro – If You Would Like To Change Your Tag & You Don’t Want Nitro Then Simply Copy Your Number & Temporary Make It Your Name, Discord Doesn’t Allow Same Username Twice.
  • Emojis In Channel Topic – This One Is Great For General Topics On Your Discord Server, All You Have To Do For This One Just Type Your Emoji You Want To Use In The Message Box & Before Sending It Just Append a Backward Slash (/) Before The Emoji, Now Copy That Text & Open Your Channel Topic & Paste It.
  • Mention VC’s In Chats – Apparently You Can’t. Quick Note:- You Have To Have Developer Mode Enabled For This Go To Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode. So Mention VC, Right Click On VC You Wanna Mention Then Click Copy ID. Now On Chat (Write Angular Brackets Hash Tag & Now Closed Angular Brackets <# Enter Your Copied ID >.
  • Custom Slow Mode – Did You Know You Can Setup Custom Slow Mode Time For, Simply Write =slowmode 2s .
  • Hidden AMOLED Mode – This One Is For Android Users Out There. Did You Know If You Go To Settings > Appearance > Click On Dark Mode Ten Times > AMOLED Option Will Appear, Just Enable It. Thill WIll Make Your Mobile Screen To Really a Dark Mode.
  • Super Fast Reaction Role – If You Want To Show Passion Whenever Your Favorite Youtuber Upload A Video, What’s Better Then Spamming By Using Bunches Of Emojis, You Can Click On Add Reaction Or Holding It To Shift Start Clicking On The Bunch Emoji.
  • Quick Edit Message – You Can Quickly Edit Your Recent Message By Pressing The Up Arrow Key On Your Keyboard.
  • Quick React To Messages – You Can Quickly React To Recent Message On Your Sever By Typing Any Emoji And Adding + Before Sending It.
  • Make Emojis Give Access To Emojis – If You Want To Lock Emojis For Seconds, You Can Do It By Using Emoji Locker.
  • Audit Logs Are Very Epic – You Can Check Who Make Changes In Your Server By Going To Server Settings Then Click On Audit Log This Can Be Very Helpful If Someone Hide Their Person Details.
  • Secret Discord Games – Discord Have Secret Bunches Games That You Can Play By No Longer Continued.

Top Best Bots For Your Discord Server – 

As You All Know Bots Are Super Useful In All Server For Moderation, Creating Challenges, Having Fun Or More. Below Bots Are Based On:-

  • Functionality.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Popularity.
  • Uptime.
These Bots Keep You Occupied On Your Cold Empty Lonely Discord Server.
  • Disboard – This Is a Bot That Will Edit Your Server In Order To Help Advertisement To Other People. This Can Be Done On Website “”, This One Is Very Popular & a Great Way To Boost Your Member Count. 
  • Invite Manager – When You’re Invited To a Server, It Will Automatically Tracked People Invite Others To Your Server. It Will Also Provide Unique Roles To The People Who Invited Other Howsoever It Will Also Encourage Other Folks To Invite People. 
  • Reminder Bot – This Bot Is Very Unique And Simple Yet Useful Purpose. It Allows You To Set Reminder For Your Or For The Entire Server With Custom Embedded Content & Attachments. And ALso Supports Many Different Languages And Also Possible To Set Reminders For Next Upcoming 50 Years In The Future.
  • Giveaway Bot – Its Very Simple & Versatile Bot That’s Within Ton Of Servers.You Can Select Time Upto 7 Days And Upto 20 Winners At a Same Time, Unfortunately This Bot Doesn’t Have Role Requirements Or Message Requirements Etc.
  • Groovy – Groovy Bot Allow Users To Listen To Songs While In VC’s. It Also Useful That Allow Users To Edit Music On The Fly By Changing Pitch, Speed, Volume, Base Boost. And There’s Another Contender Is Will Be “Rythm” Part, It Also Delivered Awesome Music In VC’s.
  • Countr – This Bot Allow’s You To Setup a Channel In Your Server While Users Can Count Up once And It Automatically Delete Any Numbers That Incorrect And Also Auto Pin Messages & Also Give Specific Roles To Certain Peoples.
  • Yggdrasil – This Bot Has Very Fun Function, Apart From Images Of Cats, Dog, Birds. You Could Also Talked To Other People From Other Server.
  • Plasma – I Truly Believes That This Bot Is The Beefiness Both Invite Management To Giveaway Management Into a Single Bot.
  • Mee6 – A Incredible Bot with Has Huge Number Of Features Like Custom Commands, Levels, Moderator, Welcome, Record, Reaction Role, Timer, Music Quiz, Musiz, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Reddit, Etc.
  • Honorable Mentions – So I Thought I’ve Mentioned Couple Of Great Bots, First One Goes To Arcane Which Is Great Leveling Bot With Moderation It Also Have Voice Leveling Feature.
  • Dank Memer – Its a Dedicated Bot For a Discord Community, It Has Probably The Largest Economy Community In Discord With a Huge Amount Of People Participating To Win Coins, It Has Lots Of Fun Games & Highly Addicting If You Try It For The First Time. Many People Will Thank You If You Add This Bot To Your Server. You Can Configure Every Event, Command, Comment And Its Support Team Is Very Useful.

What Your Discord Profile Picture Implies –

  • Any Anime Character – You’re 99% Of Discord Populations.
  • A Selfie Of Yours – You’re Not Scared To Show Your Face To Million Of Kids.
  • A Logo – You’re a Business.
  • An Empty PNG – People Think Their Internet Is Not Working But Its You Being a Comedic Genius Who Think Is The Funniest Thing In The World.
  • A Custom Cartoon Characters – You’re a Youtuber.
  • A Custom Discord Character – You’re a Discord Youtuber.
  • Default – You’re an ALT.
  • Soundrout’s Logo – You’re a Soundrout.
  • Boost Icon – When You Send a Message, Peole Think Someone Boosted.
  • Nitro Icon – You’re a Scam.
  • Cute Anime Girl – You’re a Mod Or An E-Girl.
  • Emoji – You’re Annoying.
  • Selfie Of An Indian Man – There’s 90% Chance That You’re New To Discord.
  • A Bottle Of Spirit – You’re a Kid And Literally There Will Be At-least One Of You In Every Server.
  • Dreams Profile Pic – You’re a Kid Who Think He’s Great At Minecraft.
  • A Gamer Girl – You’re a Catfisher.
  • A Toilet – You Don’t Have a Life & You Like To Spend Most Of The Time Talking To Your Friends On Discord While Pooping.
  • Dankmemer – You’re Addicted To Dank Memer.
  • Anime Gif – You’re Average Discord User Who Just Got Nitro.
  • Elon Mask – You Think You’re a Meme Lord.
  • Among Us – You’ve a Slow Internet.
  • Your PFP – If You’ve Your Profile Pic As Your Profile Pic

Conclusion –

No Doubt Discord Is The Coming Popular & Because Of The New Funding Of $100M Its CEO Has Spend Already & He Will Spend Further & If You’re Going To Use Discord For Communication Purposes Please Be Cautious Not To Click On Any Specious Link Because Clicking On Unfamiliar Link, Download Dudgy File Or Talking To Strangers Can Be Dangerous On World Wide Web.

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