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Clubhouse Is A Hottest Social Media App, What Is It Exactly, How You Can Use It, How Do We Can Signup.

Lately There Have Been Ton Of Social Media Startup All Hoping To Sick Of Twitter Or Facebook Enjoying Their App Instead But There’s One App That Is Gaining Some Pretty Decent Attraction i.e, Clubhouse. All Walkthrough Of The App In a Minute. There is a Key Thing That Is Separated From Other Side Of Social Media App Is Audio Only Its Sort Of Like Podcast Or Convention Panel Could Happen Anywhere Anytime And You Could Participate In Them.

Apparently You Can Only Get Into The Clubhouse With Invite To The App But A lot Of Really High Profile Name Is Already On The Server Like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Kanye’s, Oprah Too I Mean From Technology To Comedy Everything In Between There’s Lot Of Big Names In Clubhouse.

There’s One Small But Important Thing Aside From The Invite Link Which Is Its For Iphone Only For Right Now, Yes Clubhouse Is Only Available For IOS, Sorry Android Users I Really Hate This For Bed News. The Clubhouse Said In a Blog Post That They Are Excited To Start Working On The Android Version Of Its App About Few Month Ago So You Might Be Waiting a While. Here “All Details About Discord Server“.

Well Lets Take Us a Look & How It Work –

So Signing Up Is Pretty Easy But Once You Get End Of Signup, You’re Able To Choose Bunches Of Interest And Based On That Interest Clubhouse Will Follows The People For You And Also Give You Some Recommendation.

Basic Function Of a Clubhouse Room – 

So Lets Get Familiar WIth The Basic Function Of a Room.

  • Room – A Room In Club House Is Just Like a Room Inside Of a Conference Hall You Walk Into a Room And You See First People Up On The Stage Whenever You’re Inside On a Room.
  • Quit The Room – You Can Click On Leave Quietly Button And Very Very Easily Leave The Room. And Very Very Easily Leave The Room.
  • Raise Hand Icon – The Raise Hand Icon In The Bottom Center Of The App, Allow Anyone In The Room To Click It & Then Moderators Are Notified & They Can Decide To Bring You Up On The Stage. In Some Cases The Raise Hand Feature Will Be Grayed Out & That Is Because The Moderator Decided To Turn Off The Raising Hand Feature And When Happens Everyone In The Room Is Notified.
  • Plus Sign – The Plus Sign Allow You To Ping In Someone Who You’re Following Into The Room So If You’re In a Room & You Find Some Content Really Interesting You Can Hit That Plus Sign & You Can Search For Individuals & You Can Click On Them And All Of a Sudden They Will Be Pinged Right Into The Room.
  • User Profile – When You Click On Someone Bio & Then You Swipe Up You Can See How Many Followers They Have & Who Is Following Them. There’s Also a Bio That Describes What This Person All About.
  • Clubs – At The Very Bottom Of Someone’s Bio Are The Clubs That They Belongs To. Now Clubs Are Fascinating Facet Inside Of Clubhouse, Clubs Create Their Own Content & And Clubs Have Members & Followers.
  • Start a Room – When You Start a Room You Will See a Couple Of Room i.e, Open, Social, Closed.
  • Open Room Are For Spontaneous Room That You Can Create & People Will Pop Into It Automatically.

  • Social Room Are Only For The People Within Your Social Network.

  • Close Rooms Are Only For The People That You Follow.

Few Tips & Tricks For Clubhouse Room

  • Room Names Are Everything – Room Names In The Description Are Sole Probably Convince Other To Come Across To The Holeway In The Clubhouse, For The Room Name You’ve About 60 Character And For Description You’ve About 200 Characters So Make Those Word Count, Its Just Similar To Title And Description Of Any Youtube Video. These Are The Only Thing People See Before Getting Into The Room & Start Listening Over The Conversation There.
  • Start Your Own Room – By Starting Your Own Room You Can Do Practice In Front Of Your Audience, You Can Even Engaged With Them Or You Can Even Learn A Group Of Moderate Speaker Too. So When You Create a Room Firstly Spent Some Time To Think About What The Room Should Be Above. I’ll Recommend You To Schedule The Timing & Invite Some People To See It Too.
  • You’ve To Take The Initiative – If You Just Sit & Listen Then Nothing Gonna Happen You Should Take Some Initiative Either Ask Some Question Or Be On The Stage, If You Will Ask Valuable Question, It Will Help You To Not Only Enhance Your Confidence But It Will Also Enhance Your Community.
  • On Stage, Less Is More – Speaking Up On The Stage, Sometimes When Its Come To Having a Mic, Less Is More So Be Concise, Be Direct & Don’t Ramble On Too Much.
  • Try & Get On a Stage – Growth Can Be Done By Being In The Room Or On The Stage, Audience And Listening, Fast Growth Can Happen When You Are On Stage And Provide Valuable Stuff Over The Stage. When You’re On The Stage You Not Only Have The Ability To Speak On The Microphone But You’ve Both Authority & Ability, Make Sure To Be Kind, Be Curious And Always Use Common Sense While On The Stage.
  • Join Clubs – Clubs Are Like Group Of People That Share Common Interest For a Particular Topic, Have You Ever On Room Have See a Small Text Name Above The Title Of The Room With a Little Green House That The Name Of The Club, You Can Visit & Check That Out. All The Club That You Have Join You Can Check Them On The Bottom Of The Profile.
  • Invite Your Friends – When You Invite Your Picture Will Actually Show Up In Their Profile That You Nominated Them And Help Them To Get On Platform.
  • Add Personality To Your Bio – Be Try To Become Professional That is Everybody Wanna Try To Do, In This World “People Connect With Other People”, Don’t Be Shy To Add Some Interest, Hobbies, Likes That WIll Clearly Explore More About You. Make Sure To Add Your Twitter Or Instagram Profile.
  • Optimize Your Bio – Likewise Instagram Or Twitter, People Actually Read Your Bio, Its Important To Utilize That Space And You’ve Got Lot Of Intro To It.
  • Follow Up – If You Are In Room Of Someone & Enjoying What They Are Saying, You Can Follow Up Them Later, Open Their Profile & Scroll Click On Their Instagram Or Twitter Profile. And Let Them Know How They Are Enjoying What They Say.

Few Things That Prolly You Didn’t Know About Clubhouse – 

  • Who Created Clubhouse – The App Was Created In April 2020 By “Paul Davison and Rohan Seth”.
  • What Has Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg Got To Do With It – Elon Musk Play A Vital Role In Pushing Signals In Between Mark Zuckerberg They Have Added Some Value In Clubhouse By Joining The App.
  • How Popular Is Clubhouse – According To, Clubhouse Had 10 Million Downloads In Feb 2021 With 6 Million Active Users, These Figures Are Impressive & Considered It As Invite Only. And Users Are Spending a lot Of Hours Each Weeks. So I Can Says Its Extremely Popular.
  • Its Only For IOS Users – If You’re Going To Download, Then You’re Not Going To Manage In Android, Because At This Stage Its Only For Ios. Don’t Worry Its Just Matter Of Time Soon It Will Be Available For Android Users As Well.
  • Rules You Need To Know About – When You Take The Stage Then You Need To Pause Yourself First It Will Remove The Background Noise, Remember To Show Your Appreciation To The Speaker By Clicking The Mute & Un mute Button Quickly. Before Joining The Room Must Read All The Rules Followed By The Room Description. And Must Respect The Request So Don’t Speak When Its Not Your Turn Either.
  • Privacy Issue You Need To Know About – When Signing Up As New Members You Give Access To Your Phone Contacts Allowing You To Connect With The Other Users However That Information Is Being Used By Clubhouse To Build Profile Who Haven’t Signed up Yet. Chat Has Been Recorded In The Private Room, They Also Temporary Record Audio While You’re In The Room.
  • What Clubs Can You Join On Clubhouse – In a Nutshell Any Kind Of Club Or The Room Under The Sun, There’s Talks Shows, Networking, Political Discussion And Much More.
  • What Is Clubhouse Worth – Its Launch In April 2020 And Within a Month It Value Is Worth 100$ & In January 2021 It Value Worth 11$ Billion. This Is Not a Accurate Picture.
  • Clubhouse Beats Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram And Tiktok – According To Mobile App Analytic Research Firm, Clubhouse Reached Number 1 In App Store Comparatively To 30 Country.
  • Facebook Is Already Creating a Product To Compete With Clubhouse – Facebook Spoke In Many Articles Confirmed That We’ve Been Connecting People Via Audio & Video Technology For Many Years & Its Always Explore To Create a New Way. SO What’s The Actually Mean For Facebook Exactly What You Think They WIll Be Developing Audio Rooms SImilar To Clubhouse In This Case They Couldn’t Buy Clubhouse. Not Only Facebook Twitter Is Also Testing a Similar Feature Called “Space”.
  • Why Has Clubhouse Has Been Blocked In China – China Users Can Still Visit The Website But They Couldn’t Able To Download The Clubhouse App. And The Chances Of The App Being Available Was Slimed To None.
  • How Can You Make Money From The Platform – There Are Certain Rooms Which You’ll Be Able To Make Money From It, Here You Could Look For Investing Something You Have Developed. Brand Partnership Are Too Possible, There’s Are Some Membership Fees For Certain Rooms, You Could Be a Panelist If You’ve Right Skills & Knowledge You Could Received a Tips Or You Can Promote Your Product.
  • How Can You Get a Invite – Well You Could Buy an Invite On Ebay But You Can Get an Legit Invite From Someone Who’s Already On The Platform, Yes The Only Proper Way In By Invite Only But If You Not Willing To Wait Around Then You Could Extend Your Reach On Other Platforms Like Instagram Or Twitter By Simple Hash tagging The App (#clubhouse).

Conclusion – 

Clubhouse Is an Absolutely Amazing Tool Many People Saying That It Is The Tool Of The Year But I Don’t Want You To Waste Time Either, I Want You To Spent Some Time On Clubhouse, I Want You To Be Able To Connect But Don’t Want You To Spent HOURS, Listening, Conversing When You Know You Should Also Be Doing Other Things Too. It Has To Be Balanced.

I’ve Heard Stories Of People While Live On Clubhouse Says That They Forgot The Work Because They Got So Involved On The Clubhouse Conversation. I’ve Heard Some More Peoples Stories That How They Are On Clubhouse While They Are Having Dinner With Their Families. Its An Environment That Can Absolutely Suck You In So Just Be Aware Of That And Be Careful As Well And You Need To Set Some Boundaries, Do Scheduling When You Should Or Shouldn’t Be On Clubhouse.

Thank You So Much For Reading This Article Till End And Look Forward To Seeing You On Clubhouse, You Can Found Me On Clubhouse @dishank_rk.

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