Latest Passive Income Ideas For Students – 2021

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Passive Income In This Article We’re Gonna Write About Multiple Different Ways Through Which You Can Able To Make Passive Income & For Each Method I’m Going To Write About How Tough It Is To Get Begin. How Tough It Is To Make 100$ a Month From It & How Hard It Is To Maintain Once You’ve Created The Things On The First Place.

So When I Say Passive Income I Always Air Quote It Because There’s Really No Such Things As Passive Income There’s No Way To Make Money Without Doing Anything Without Doing At All But When I Say Passive Income What I Mean Is That It’s Not Money That Is Not Directly Tied To Our Time So Let’s Say You Were To Write a Book If You Write a Book Book, If You Write It & Published It Now You’ve Done The Work Kind Of Once To Write & Publish The Book But Now Anytime The Sells You Make Money From Royalties That Is Passive Income Literally Be Making Money While You Sleep Because You’ve Created This Thing Which Is Out In The World Which Is Generating Income For You The Other Thing With Passive Income Is That Always Takes a Very Long Time To Get Going.

So The Only Way To Make Money Is By Providing Value So Let’s Talk About All The Different Ways That You Could Provide Value. Here Are More Earning Ways – Click Here For More Details.

Series Of Passive Income Ideas – 

1) Investing In Stocks & Shares – 

In This Context The Way That We Provide Value Is By Offering Up Our Money Providing Money & Investing In a Service Is In a Way Giving a Form Of Value And So When We Give Our Money To a Company In The Form Of Buying Their Stocks.

It Makes Sense That We Would Get Some Kind Of Return For That Investment And We’re Starting With This Because Investing In Stocks Is The Easiest Way To Make Any Kind Of Passive Income If You Have Any Sorts Of Saving And They Are Sitting In a Saving Account Earning 0.01 Interest.

They’re Not Really Doing Very Much For You Whereas If You Had Those Saving And Put Them In Stocks You Could Potentially Be Earning Passive Income From The Money That’s Otherwise Just Sitting There.

2) Start a Small Business – 

You Should Start a Small Business, They Keyword Is “Small” Don’t Make It Big, No Funding And Make Sure To Don’t Make It Unicorn, Just Make a Simple Small Fundamental Businesses.

There Are Many Options These Days To Start a Business, Which Doesn’t Required A lot Of Investment & Yet Can Make a Nice, Happy Additional Income For Example Cloud Kitchens.

Cloud Kitchens, These Kitchens Are Not Available For Dine-in, They Are Only For Delivery So All You Need To Make a Kitchen Which Is Setup In a Small Area In Size It Doesn’t Required Large Size Area, Which By The Way You Get On Rent These Days And Then Decide On The Cuisine, List Yourself On Zomato Or Swiggy & Then Start Selling, Simple & Easiest Way To Earn a Passive Income.

If You’re In a College, Then Start a Small Business Of Merchandise Such as T-shirt, Hoodies, Caps. There Are So Many Club, So Many Festivals So Something There To Earn Additional Income. If You’re In College Food Is Always a Great Thing. If You Live In Hostels Or If You’re a Day Scholar They Want To Have a Maggie Quickly, Cafe Is Far Away Or They Want Some Drink Or Cookies Anything That Can Help You Run Almost Like a Tuck Shop, A Small Shop Where You’re Selling Little Things Only Purely Because Of Convenience. If You’re In Then You Can Be The One Doing It?

Basically Start a Small Business.

3) Starting a Youtube Channel – 

How Hard Is It To Start a Youtube Channel Well I’m Gonna Give This One Out Of Five Stars  Because Its Actually Very Very Very Easy To Start a Youtube Channel, You Just Need To Go To And Then You Have To Click On Create a Channel & Then You Can Upload Videos By Just Filming With Your Phone & Uploading It In Reality Its a Lot Harder To Make Good Videos & Making Good Videos Is How You Grow On Youtube.

But Getting Started On Youtube Is Very Very Straight Forward The Real Question Is How Hard Is It To Actually Make Real Money From Youtube So Again Lets Say We Want To Make a Hundred Dollars a Month In Passive Income What Does That Look Like Well Firstly To Be Eligible For Monetization On Youtube. You Need a Thousand Subscribers & Four Thousand Hours Of Watch Time.

So If You’re Thinking You’re Gonna Start a Youtube Channel & Start Making Money From Day One. You Know That’s Basically Not Gonna Happen You Have To Be Able To Put In The Efforts And Do This For a Very Long Period Of Time. Atleast Once a Week I Say For Atleast Two Years Before You Can Expect Anything In Return But Let’s Say You’ve Hit Your Thousands Subscribers In Your 4000 Hours Of Watch Time.

How Hard Is It To Actually Make 100 Dollars a Month Well On Average The Kind Of Revenue Per Thousand Views On Youtube Is Around About Two Dollars So This Varies Massively But Let’s Say On Average About Two Dollars Per Thousands Views Therefore If You Want To Make 100$ a Month You Need 50000 Views Om Youtube To Make 100$ a Month. Let’s Say You Make One Video Per Week & Let’s Assume You’re Not Getting Any Traffic On Your Older Videos That Means Every Video You Make Need To Get Around About 12500 Views it’s actually very hard.

To Make Compelling Youtube Videos And Its Very Easy To Get Started But Its Hard To Do Well Its Totally Worth It It’s a Great Skill Set Its a Really Fun You Get To Meet People Across The Internet You Get To learn How To Talk To a Camera & How Film & Video Edit. In Terms Of Efforts  To Maintain Like Actually Getting That First 1000 Subscribers Is a Lot Harder Than Keeping It Growing Because Once You’ve Got a 1k Subscribers & Once Your Channel Is Growing It Means You’ve Landed On a Formula That Works.

4) Be a Graphic Designer – Passive Income

A lot Of Content Has Already Exploded, Many People Are Creating A lot Of Content On Social Media & They Actually Need Help. They Need Graphic Designers, Those Who Can Make Posters, Images, Instagram Stories And Instagram Post For Them.

And if You Can Learn To Do This Which By The Way Is Not Very Difficult Then You Can Actually Start Working For Not Just Friends But Companies As Well And For a Few Hours Get Some Really Cool Money Made.

5) Become An Affiliate Marketing – 

Basically Affiliate Mean That You’re Selling Other People’s Product But You’re Getting a Percentage Of Sales From Those Product. You Can Just Signup To An Affiliate Program Like Amazon Associates So Amazon Have Their Own Affiliate Program Which I Think Is Probably The Biggest In The World & Then Once You’ve Your Little Special Links You Can Post Those On Your Website Or On Twitter Or On Social Media Or Whatever.

And If People Buy The Product Through Your Link Or In Fact Buy Any Other Product Through Your Link You’ll Get Like Some Tiny Percentage Of The Sales So Pretty East To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing. It Requires Lots Of Upfront Efforts In Terms Of EIther Building Such Domain Authorities In Whatever Space You’re In That You’re Sort Of Organically Getting Traffic Now Other Than Amazon There Are a Few Other Affiliate Program Out There.

Skillshare Have an Interesting Affiliate Program Where If You Refer Someone To Signup To a Free Trail Of Skillshare, You Can Get Seven Dollars In Affiliate Commission Just For That Thing So If You Wanted To Make 100$ a Month From Affiliates You Would Need 15 People Every Month To Signup For Skillshare With Your Affiliate Link.

How Hard Is It To Get 15 People a Month To Signup With Your Affiliate Link Well It’s Not That Hard If You Have An Audience & It’s Not That Hard If You’ve Your Own Classes On Skillshare.

6) Web Development Or App Development – 

If You Can Make a Website Or App, Then You’re Gold & The Best Thing That You Don’t Have To Make Huge Websites, You Have To Make Simple Template Based Website Which Takes Less Time But Will Give You a Huge Output. For Example All The Restaurant, Spas And Salons Of India Have a Pathetic Websites.

I Am Sure That If You Want You Can Start a Small Business In Which You Will Make a Website For Them, Maybe Charge Them Rs.500 a Month Which Is Nothing For These Businesses And WordPress, Which Is a Template, Beautiful For Creating Websites, Become a Expert At That, Make a Template & Build It For Them. Even If You Get 100 Such Customers In a Month, You’re Basically Making Rs.50000 Per Month.

Not Bad For Just Making Websites. App, Nothing Great, Most Simple App, With One-Way Communication In Which I Can Only View Things, Let’s Say I Am a Restaurant, Spa Or Salon Again Which Services Are Available, What Are The Timing, No Reservation Or Booking Needed, Simple Interface Which Can Tell The Consumers What Services Are Provided By The Business & Business Will Pay For It. All You’ve To Do Is Be a Web Developer Or App Developer.

7) Create & Selling a Courses –

You Know Something, If You Are In College Then You Know Something That School Students Want To Know, If You Are Working Then You Know Something That College Students Want To Know.

Just Simply Start To Create Courses, These Courses Can Be Of Anything. Not Necessarily About Academics Or Education. You Can Create Courses On Fitness, Sports, Musics, Pottery, Painting Or Anything At Which You’re An Expert And Now The Best Thing Is That The Entire World Is Shifting To Online.

Everyone Is Comfortable To Attending Classes Over Zoom, So, You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere, There Is No Geographical Restriction , You Can Teach Anyone From Any City, Any Street, Any Corner Of Village From Anywhere, And That Is Powerful, It Is Immensely Powerful.

8) Start Content Writing – 

If You Are Good At Writing Then You Are Also Gold, Because In Today’s World, Very Few People Are Writing & There’s Demand For Content Writers  Because There’s Demand For Content.

It Could Be a Short Form Content Like You Can Write Short Post On Social Media Or Articles On Linkedin. It Can Be Long Form Content Like You Can Write Script For Videos Or Make Material For a Courses Anything To Do With Content And Many Content Companies Which Engage With These Content Writers & Editors And Higher Them On a Freelance Basis Because It Has High Demand.

So, If You’re a College Students And You Have The Time Then Content Writing Is a Great Way For You To Build a Side Income.

9) Internship – For Passive Income

Proven & Standard Internship. If You Can Do Internship Even When You’re Working. It Is a Great Way For You To Not Just Build a Side Income But Also To Get Experience.

For a College Student, Internship Must Be Mandatory, Education Minister Should Pass a Law, In Which Every Student Should Do At Least  Two Internship At One Point, In Addition To Their College Work.

The Best Way For You To Get an Experience And Also Make Money Through Internship And Nowadays, Most Of The Internship Are Paid. They May Not Be Paying a Lot But Whatever Little They Pay, You Are Still Getting The Experience And You’re Making Money, It’s The Best Of All Words. So, Please Do Internships As Much As Possible.

Do As Many Internship In The Area In Which You Will Most Likely Be Getting a Job In Future. If You Want To Explore Something New Because You Don’t Like Your Stream, You Don’t Like Your College, You Don’t Like Your Work, Field Then Use Internship To Get Experience In a Completely Different Company. That Will Give You a Lot Of Clarity About The Thing, You Like And Of a Course, Money Along With It.

10) Selling a Digital Product – Passive Income

You Can Sell E-Book, If You Know Anything That Can Be Incorporated In a Book. It Doesn’t Need To Be Something Which Is Theoretical Or Academic.

It Could Be Anything That You Know. Maybe You Are a Graphic Designer, And You Want To Create a Book Which Tells People “How To Become a Graphic Designer”?

Or Supposed You’re a Video Editor And You Want To Write a Book On That Whatever The Case Maybe, Its an E-book So It Would Be In PDF Format. There Are Many Book Writing Software Available So, You Would Have To Write & It Will Frame It In a Book Format And Then You Go On Amazon & List It Or Self Published It. Since It Is An Electronic Book, It Wouldn’t Be In a Physical Copy & So It Doesn’t Need To Be Delivered To Anybody.

Everything Would Be Done Electronically And You Can Sell It For Whatever Price You Want, It Is Your Choice But Imagine That Now For Next 1-2-5-10 Years That Book Will Keep Selling And You Will Earn Even When You’re Sleeping. Creating Content Is The Best And By Far The Most Effective Of Creating An Extra Passive Income.

Conclusion – 

It Is Hard Work It Takes Time, It Is Not Easy But If You’re Able To Do It Then It Becomes This Absolutely Well-Oiled Machinery Which Works Over The Night And You Don’t Have To Work Hard On It Anymore, You Have Done It Once And Now It Will Keep Making Money. That’s The Best Part So These Are The 10 Passive Income Idea Through Which You Can Extra Side Income And If I’ve Forgotten Or Something That You’ve Experience & Has Worked For You, Feel Free To Write In The Below Comment Box Because It Will Help Others.


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