Instagram Story Idea Which Is Totally Unique – 2021

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Instagram Story Ideas – Everytime you look instagram is frequently updating or adding bunches of new features to instagram stories so here are 10 instagram stories ideas that you can quickly easily create right now using just this app so let it being without getting into more query.

Here’s Top Instagram Story Ideas –

1) Photo Booth Effects –  

So most of the instagram stories ideas i tried on both the android and ios and couple of them do work on both so for this one, If you head over to the stories and click on the down arrow in the left hand side you will see the option of photo booth so if you click on that and tap to record button then the timers begin and now you can able to taking some supercool shots.

instagram story idea

It takes four total shots to change the pose and change the views of background. But then this is cool parts comes in right on the top there is another photo booth icon and you click on that you will see all these little filter effect and these are bunches of different filters which you can apply to your photo booth stories so overall it is so much fun so definitely you will loved it.

2) Animated Emojis – 

So you may have seen someone texts you on instagram stories but most of them don’t know how to use it like this. So first thing first weather you wanna choose a picture from your gallery or share a post from your profile you decide and once you chooses then go ahead and make your background solid or leave it as ingredients.

instagram story idea

Its up to you then what you gonna do is just hit the text icon and choose a emoji you can choose one or more totally up to you then what you gonna do is copy and paste that same emoji several times until you have a whole bunches at the bottom of text style and finally just click on text animation icon at the top.

3) Creative GIFs – 

Now i write about GIF’ before and i’ll say it again that this is the easiest and simple ways to spice up your story so you really need to know what you searched for.

instagram story idea

All you have to do is just add any picture from your gallery section into the story and just tap the that third icon from right and just tap on GIF’s section and then head over to the search bar and simply search anything which is relevant to your story. You’ll see bunch of relevant gifs and in seconds you will have a much cooler story than before so definitely search for gifs before you make the stories.

4) PNG Elements – 

Sometimes its nice to add a element that don’t jigger around like gifs, so i’ve got something which is really cool for you folks so what you have to do is just grab a picture from your gallery.

instagram story idea

And post whatever you want to share and when click on the sticker icon and then tap on this gallery icon in this you can go ahead and select your PNG image and just place it anywhere you like on your picture so whats cool feature is the PNG image so you can lay them to the heart content and really buildup a cool design these options are pretty endless.

5) Text Effects – Instagram Story Ideas

With all the new text effect they are so many instagram cool story design you can use where you just type anything you like and head over to top and just hit the animation button. Boom now look at the awesome effect.


You can also add some special characters & just apply the animation effect into it. In the couple of second you’ll had a get cool instagram story. Another thing you can do on iphone is if you have any live picture then upload it and just hold down for a while it will  convert it into a boomerang so go ahead and once again add all your text with various effect for a super cool story idea.

6) Moving Background – 

Now having a moving background will really helps you stand up for the rest and also takes a least amount of time.

Unfortunately it only work on iphone anyway once you post a picture on instagram story then head over and go head to click on that sticker icon and then add a video and then what you do is just enlarge the video to the screen size but holding down to the video and tap and hold on post then it’ll pop to the front this you can represent. Your video will remain in the background its pretty simple not so difficult it will add some dynamic element to our story & i guarantee it will catch some eyes.

7) Floating Post – Instagram Story Ideas 

Now here’s a pretty cool design you can quickly create to help you for eye-catching. Its such a fun one and what you need to do is find a post that you wanna share to your story then make a background  a solid color like blue, darkgreen, etc.

instagram story idea

Now headover to the Gifs and type in “Clouds”, You will see the option on the left hand side select  it and enlarge it and just place it toward right hand side now just tap on your post and go ahead and repeat the step to add that same gif that you added earlier and now place the clouds on left hand side finally we gonna repeat the steps top and bottom except left and right. It really a cool feature you should try this out.

8) Awesome Filters – 

Filters also play a vital role to spike up your stories in a matter of seconds so here something i found that you should definitely checking out.

So just prepare your story and head over to filters and then click on browse filter and once you click on search button and type “Jet Lag”, Once you done that you will see bunch of different option now select Jet Lag By Summerfriday, Just use it as you can see its such a cool effect. Another filter you can search for kodak once again there are so many option to choose from but this one is specifically by Alivia-19. you can save this filter.


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