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Deal Score+4

Shopsy App – In this article i’m gonna tell you how you can start your online business journey using the shopsy app. Recently flipkart has launched its official commission app namely “shopsy’, With using this app every individual user can able to earn commission on each product offered by flipkart. It has a similar concept like meesho, glowroad app. Every individual user can start their business with flipkart shopsy app with zero investment. In order to earn there’s some registration process which i’ll tell you further.

Its has 15 crores wide range of products. Whenever any customer purchase through your link, you will earn some commission on their purchasing. User can redeem their earning in form of flipkart voucher which can be used to purchase any item from flipkart. Commission percentage will vary from product to product. Before getting into more query let’s directly jump into the brief details.

How You Can Register Yourself On Shopsy App – 

1) First of all, Download or update shopsy app from app store or playstore.

Shopsy App

2) Open app and simply click on start earning now it will ask you to enter your registered flipkart mobile number.

3) Just verify your otp now you will get instantly approval of the app.

4) That was it.

What Is Shopsy?

Want to start online business? With earn money at home was as easy as making a cup of tea now it is with shopsy. All you need is your  smartphone. Let me guide you how to start earning with shopsy in few simple steps.

  • Once you use the number to login to the app then you can explore a range of products from trusted suppliers. Just browse and share products through hatsapp, Facebook and more and earn attractive commissions every-time you place a order behalf of others. Just like that you have a business with no investment and inventory, you can operate from anywhere from home during your free time.
  • If you are thinking other products are reliable, are they going to reach the customer on time not to worry shopsy is build based on flipkart trusted suppliers based and existing flipkart delivery system that ensure fast & hassle free deliveries whether you’re a home maker or shop owner, student or someone looking to do more in life.
  • Shopsy aim to empower you with online business of your own with no hassles & support you through every step of the way from taking care of delivery of the products to giving you the access of widest selection across fashion, mobiles, beauty, home and much more while you just concentrate on sharing and building relationships with your contact

Guide To Getting Started With Shopsy – 

  • Well once you logged in, On the home page select any of the product categories you want to share and choose from the many products which listing is available or directly search for product which you want to share using the search bar.
  • Select the product which you want to share with your contact & simply tap on icon of the share button a list of options to share the product will popup like whatsapp, facebook or download to phone gallery choose open where you can easily quickly reach your contact.
  • You need to share with the person or group from the list of contacts if the person likes the product and asked you to place the order behalf of them that’s great just add that product into the cart from the app next choose from the list of your existing customers or add a new customer to the list then enter there details and tap on delivery here icon to confirm.
  • Choose the payment method as prepaid or cash on delivery and place the order for your contact just like that your order is complete and shopsy will delivered the product to the customer with that you are all set to start grow online business with shopsfy.

Steps To Share Products On Whatsapp & Facebook- 

Sharing products with shopsy is very easy because you do it through apps which you already used, First lets see how you can share via whatsapp:

  • After you search product on shopsy, Just select the product you want to share & Tap the share icon button under the product from your whatsapp contact lists use the contacts or group to share this product with & hits send.
  • The product images have been shared now go back to the app& the product description will be shared complete product information including colors for applicable products are automatically copied along with the return policy information.
  • You can even edit this incase you know your contact are only interested in specific information. So choose the same contacts or group from list and hit the send button.

  Sharing the products on facebook is equally:

  • Tap on the product & choose different option to share on facebook appear. To share on your facebook wall just tap on the facebook wall icon check the images and description options & hit create post then your selected images and descriptions will be copied now tap on launch facebook.
  • And you will be taken to the facebook page, Select the layout in which you want to be appear & paste the product description from the shopsy here & hit post.
  • You can also here your product recommendation on the facebook page you follow or a facebook group if you are a part of it. You can also download the product information from the phone gallery and sharing it to the other apps later.

Steps To Place An Order From Shopsy- 

Placing an order for your contact on shopsy is quite simple, Let’s assume someone has liked a product that you have shared and wants you to order it. Now how do you place an order?

  • First add the product to the cart on the cart page tap on place order.
  • Next choose from your listing of existing customers or add a new customer into the list by selecting add a new customer option & then enters the details & tap on deliver here to confirm. Review the orders details and confirm the order.
  • Remember commission earning will vary depending upon the product category. For more details on commissions for specific product category head to this link.

  • Select the payment method you can choose from several prepaid payment options or cash on delivery and then place the order, After order confirmation you can also share order details with your contacts so that they can track it.
  • One the orders reaches to your contact & the return period is completed your earning gets processed all confirms earning directly transferring to your account & just like that you stared earning via shopsy with just a smartphone.

 How to return or replace an Order – 

If your contact received wrong or damaged item you will be glad to know that returns or replacements on shopsy are a easy task. If an item is eligible for return then,

  • All you have to do is, Head to the my order section on the app. Select the product you want to initiate or return for, In the order details section, Tap the return button & make the reason for return & hit continue.
  • Now choose whether you want to replacement or return the product for a refund & submit your return request.
  • Once the return request is approved then the product will be picked up & the money will be refunded.
  • Please remember returning an order for a return will also lead to the cancelation of your commission for that order & important thing to remember return are possible only if the return period is not complete. Refund period are vary product to products. Remember to check the return period before placing the order.
  • Also do check the return policy page on shopsy for more details, Shopsy has made the return process simple and easy so that your contact build a trust on you and continue to buy in the future from you without worry.

Tips To Make Shopsy Business Successful – 

Here are few tips to make business shopsy success from your first order to the next.

  • Decide Best Category – Decide what category of products you want to share with your contacts fashion, mobile, beauty, home or much More. You have many category options to choose from on shopsy. Pick one that works best for you, look for products that have great review & have a high rating. These are the product that you should start recommending to your contacts.
  • Family & Friends – Start sharing your products with people who are most likely to trust your recommendation i.e, your friends and family members, They will also support you with the business & recommend you to the other people in the circle that’s how you can increase your contact base.
  • Get More Social – This so much you can do to reach your contact better and faster online. Put a product recommendation on facebook & whatsapp stories, Create whatsapp and facebook group with interest people & start sharing products they might be interested in and go facebook live and announce new product recommendation. These different method will interact with your contacts & know what they exactly wants.
  • Know Whats Your Contacts Likes – You can keep your contacts happy by remembering their taste and choices. Replying instantly to their messages and addressing their concerns. Sharing products and designing they might like by giving them smooth shopping experience.
  • Know What Is In Demand – Find out what is in trending or the demand in the product category to sharing with people, Knowing what kind of design or style in fashion or what products are popular will help you to recommend a right products to your contacts. If you need help in selecting products then you could refer to the best seller on the home page or go to the trends category on the learn section of the shopsy app to see whats on trending.

Frequent Asked Question –

  • What Are “Outstanding” Earnings? – Outstanding earning are your commission earnings which are currently under process to be transferred to you.
  • What Are “Deposited” Earnings? – Deposited earning are your commission earnings which have been processed and transferred to you successfully.
  • What Are The Modes If Payment For Commission Payout? – You will receive your commission payout in the form of a Flipkart Gift Voucher.
  • When Are The Orders Eligible For Processing Payments? – All successfully placed orders after that completion of the return period, Provided the product is not returned/cancelled during that period.
  • When Will I Receive My Earnings? – For successfully placed orders, your “Outstandings” earning will be transferred to you as a flipkart gift voucher in 7 working days after the completion of the return period, provided the product is not returned/cancelled during that period.
  • Where Can i Redeem My Flipkart Gift Vouchers? – You can redeem your gift voucher anytime while shopping on flipkart. Simply select the payment mode as Gift Voucher while placing an order.
  • Where Do I See My Order Wise Earnings? – Order level earning details and its current status can be viewed under th “My Orders’ tab on the app.
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