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Instagram Reels Views Hack – Hey guys welcome back to hubofoffers and i have 15 instagram reels tips, tricks and hacks you must know like i.e, “Green screen effects, stop motion adding, captions slow motion and i mean some of these will blow your mind for reals”, Let’s get into it.
So right off the bat this is a really cool feature from instagram and basically if you start a new reel and open up the gallery what you can do is select some pictures or videos and what you do is select your favorite ones then click on that little next button.
Instagram Reels Views Hack
And now you will see this screen where instagram actually suggests an edit for you so you can choose from one of these songs at the bottom which by the way are all the most popular songs at the moment but what’s so cool is once you’ve chosen your favorite song and click next as you can see instagram has automatically edited your videos in time with the song
you chose so it has chosen specific moments from your videos and even cut them to the timing of the song to make an epic quick reel.

2) Get That Audio – 

Now i know this has happened to so many of you where you’re scrolling through reels checking them out and all of a sudden you find a real with great audio that you want to use well in the bottom left-hand corner you’ll see the audio’s title.
Instagram Reels Views Hack
And if you click on it it takes you to the song’s main page where you can save the audio so next time you go to create a reel and click on the audio icon right at the top you will see the saved button and if you tap on that the bam all your previously saved songs are right in there and you can just go ahead select whichever one you want and start creating.

3) Built In Caption Feature – 

Believe it or not tons of people watch wheels without any audio so adding captions can up those views and if you don’t have the built-in captures feature yet then here is a really easy way to do it right in the reels editor so usually what you’ll do is click on the text icon so you can start typing out what it is you just said but that can be very time consuming so on an iphone and even android phones you’ll notice this little mic icon and if you tap on that that is literally speech to text so all you need to do is repeat what you just said in your video.

Instagram Reels Views Hack

And like that the text magically appears and takes so much less time than if you had to type it out word for word what you can then do is place the caption in the right spot and even adjust the time by clicking on that bar and shifting the timeline until you have finished that sentence you can then go ahead repeat this step and i promise you it’s actually really quick so next time you want to add captions don’t forget this trick then you might already know that you can do voiceovers in instagram reels.

4) Voice Over – Instagram Reels Views Hack

Let me show you some tips once you click the play button on your wheel you can actually click hold down and record your voiceover then let go and record in various sections just like this you can then actually scrub through the timeline and re-record over something just by clicking and holding again.
Instagram Reels Views Hack
Then if you click that back button it allows you to delete the previous voice recording without deleting everything and if you’re a one-take kind of person you can’t just play the reel click the record button and do your entire recording in one go.

5) Lips Synchronizer  – 

Now i’m pretty sure you’ve wondered how some people perfectly time their lip syncing or like dance moves and here is exactly how they do it so once you open up instagram and start a new reel what you’re going to do is click on the music icon and select the track you want to lip sync or dance to once you’ve found the track then what you do is click on the speed icon.
And here’s the important thing you’re going to want to select the three time speed this actually slows down the song and from there you can just add a filter start a timer for three seconds or 10 seconds and then it’s time to make magic so you get into
place click the record button and as the song starts playing remember it is three times slower so you can talk sing or dance perfectly on time with every beat.

6) The Toolbar – Instagram Reels Views Hack

Okay we all know that the toolbar is on the left hand side of instagram reels but if you click on the settings icon you can actually change it to the right hand side.
Instagram Reels Views Hack
I personally much prefer this because it is so much easier toggling through all the different features just using my thumb.

7) Face Smoothing – 

You’ve probably seen this touch up icon but had no idea what it was actually for well.
If you select it it’s a smoothing filter so every time you toggle it on it’ll smooth out your skin and you can even adjust the strength by clicking.

8) Green Screen – Instagram Reels Views Hack

Now here’s the feature i see tons of people using and that is the green screen effect so if you select that button you can then choose any picture or video as your background but most of the time you are so big within the frame that you cannot actually see what is behind you.
So you can actually downscale yourself just like this move yourself to anywhere on the screen and make it so much easier to see what is going on in the background as you can see you can get really creative and place yourself just about anywhere.

9) Auto Scale – Instagram Reels Views Hack

Another really cool feature within reels is if you’ve taken any landscape videos or pictures you can go ahead and select them and once you click next you’ll notice this little scale icon to the right hand side.

And if you click on it as you can see it’ll automatically scale your landscape video into portraits in a couple of seconds it’ll also work on pictures so if you happen to have any landscape ones do not fear because you can instantly and automatically scale them and even adjust things further by
using two fingers.

10) Make Quick Slow Motion Reels Via Images – 

Now believe it or not for the longest time you have not been able to add images to reels but that’s all changed and you can make some really cool videos using just pictures so once again within instagram if you head on over and create a brand new reel then click on the gallery icon here of course you’ll see all your pictures within your gallery.
Then what you can do is select this little tile icon in the top right hand corner and start selecting up to 10 different pictures so i just took these little stop motion ones then click next and now all you’re gonna do is scale down the timing just like this to each and every picture believe it or not this only takes a couple of seconds and once that is done go ahead click next then the preview button and now you’ll see a perfect little stop-motion video that you just created using only pictures.

11) Gif’s Editing –

You can of course further edit things and add text but this is pretty nifty so if you’ve been playing around with instagram reels by now you probably know how the timing and layers and all of that work but did you know you can do that with gifts too it’s so simple all you do is click on the stickers icon then gifs and did you know if you search anything all your stickers will appear

and from there go ahead select your favorite gif i’m just using this hotkey now place it.

Instagram Reels Views Hack

Wherever it is you’d like and over here you’ll see this little gif button if you tap on that you’ll now see the gif’s timeline and you can adjust when you want this gift to appear and disappear you can then go ahead and of course add multiple gifs and just repeat this process until you are completely happy with all your gifts placements then finally when you go back to watch the finished reel you’ll see your perfectly placed giphy stickers.

12) Reels Audio Control –

While editing your wheel if you click on that little music icon you can actually adjust the audio levels between your backing track and the camera’s audio.

So if you want the audio from your original video to come through simply lift the camera’s audio drop your backing track and like that you’ve got a perfectly good mix and while you’re at it you can still do voice overs just by clicking the mic icon tapping that record button and recording your entire voiceover with a surprisingly good end mix.

13) Reels Drafts Editing – 

Here’s a really nifty trick that you might not have known about drafts and that is when you go ahead and select one of your

drafted reels like this one for example you can click the edit button and of course still edit text as well as filters and other things, but if you click that little camera icon in the top left hand corner it takes you right back to the beginning edit where you can adjust the speed audio and even edit the various video clips.

Instagram Reels Views Hack
So if there’s something you’re not completely happy with you can select it then click on that little scissors icon trim the video down to the exact right length and continue doing that with other clips if you want until you are completely happy and ready to go so now you can go back into your drafts and adjust them until they are just right.

14) Quick Thumbnails – Instagram Reels Views Hack

On to some super cool quick tips and when you’re in the share section of reels if you go ahead and click on cover you can of course choose any one of these thumbnails as your cover picture but did you know if you click on cropped profile image.
You can adjust this thumbnail any which way you like by scaling it up moving it around and picking the perfect spot you can also do this just by choosing a picture from your gallery clicking on crop profile image and again scaling things until you’re super happy with the look now.

15) Download Any Reel – Instagram Reels Views Hack

Now downloading and sharing any instagram reel with your friends or family is not exactly the easiest i do think instagram
is working on this but for now here is how you download any reel and save it to your gallery so while scrolling through

all the various reels when you come across the reel you want to download.

Instagram Reels Views Hack
Click that little airplane icon and share this to your story then within the stories editor upscale the reel click the download button and like that this reel is saved in your photo gallery and you can share it from there with your friends and family just keep in mind the reel does have to be 15 seconds or shorter in order to do this.

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